Excellent digital services for driving customer centric innovation,
growth and business success.

Digital Strategy

To explore and implement new digital services and products, we develop digital sales strategies (B2B/B2C) across all channels for new and existing customers and support the transformation of your organization.

Digital Marketing

To deliver results in the digital visibility of your company, products and services, we work across all channels combining holistic digital marketing solutions with sophisticated data analysis to track all aspects of the performance and to provide business intelligence and customer insights.

Transaction Services

We work alongside investors and provide advisory services for digital transactions. We help investors to take better decisions on potential deals by conducting digital due diligence services and evaluating performance improvement opportunities.

We navigate you through your journey of digital transformation.

Case Study
Waterlogic International
Increased conversions by more than 200%

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Reasons why OMMAX is your best digital partner:

  1. Efficiency and Effectiveness

    We focus on real traffic drivers in a cost efficient way that does not exceed your marketing budgets. We guarantee a measurable impact on your project.

  2. Return on Investment

    We believe that good marketing should be measurable and that your investment should be profitable. Hence OMMAX focuses on delivering the best return for your marketing budget.

  3. Technology and Knowledge

    We always have the latest programs and systems in place to analyze your needs and execute the best strategy. Because of our knowledge and technology, we stay ahead of our competition, so that you can stay ahead of yours.

  4. Risk Management and Sustainability

    We do not promise you short-term results achieved through “cheating” – instead, we help you to steadily increase traffic on your site and engage your customers seriously.

  5. Data Driven

    Each decision we take can be backed up by appropriate data – you will receive monthly reports, so that you are always informed about the latest developments within your project.

  6. Accountability

    There is no ‘Talk’; There is only ‘Do’. We want to be measured by the results we achieve; not by any promises made – hence no long-term contracts are needed.

Our expertise is based on international experience across industries. dummy
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