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web development trends

Web trends & challenges for 2016

Technology’s prevalence in society has driven consumers to an online market. These new habits make strong and successful websites that much more important, and as such have introduced new challenges for web designers.

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corporate blogging

Google Trends: how to extract monthly data

If you’re involved in doing keyword research, there may have been a time where you needed historical keyword data for your project. Seeing a trend that spans not the usual two years, but a grand total of ten gives a bit more insight.

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David Rogers interview

David Rogers on digital transformation

Why should I care about digital transformation? What kind of employers do I need to change my business into a digital one? David Rogers, international expert in digital business strategy, answers in an exclusive interview.

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How to choose the right CMS

How to choose the right CMS for your website

Your content management system should help you to gather consumer data and to make editing the content of your website simple and seamless. How to choose a CMS that is right for you can be critical to your online success.

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