Before any digital strategy or plan can be implemented and executed, a Digital Marketing Audit is the first step towards a successful improvement of your digital potential. Digital Marketing Audit means that every one of your digital capabilities and the extent of digital presence will be assessed, identified and analyzed. It ensures that from the very beginning, your organization makes thorough decisions on how to plan and execute a successful digital strategy.

1. Online Benchmarking and Target Group Analysis

In a Digital Marketing Audit the first assessment is to analyze and identify valuable information by conducting an initial competitor analysis to benchmark all digital KPIs that are relevant for your organisational property. From this basis, we can derive strategic implications that lead to a detailed strategic plan thereafter. The following questions need to be addressed and with an analytical and qualitative Digital Marketing Audit:

  • What are the traffic sources of your competitors?
  • How strongly/weakly is your business positioned against your main competitors?
  • Where do unlocked digital potentials and/or new revenue streams lay?
  • What are your relevant digital KPIs and how do you measure them?
  • What are the demographics and characteristics of your target group? Which online channels do you use to reach them?
  • How strong is your business positioned? Is it visible within the digital landscape?

2. Digital Channel Usage

A technical audit of your organisation’s online marketing channels and its data infrastructure is crucial – it rapidly uncovers where optimization potential for risks may lie. Especially for organic visibility and SERP (search engine result pages) performance, a high quality website needs to be reviewed regularly from a technical angle:

  • Is your website mobile responsive?
  • Are canonicals and redirects correctl set up, how is the set-up of the source code and how fast are loading times?
  • Are CTAs prominently placed, how is the customer journey and user friendliness?
  • How long do users reside on your page, what are the best performing elements?
  • How is the set up of Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Google Search-Console linked to your website?
  • How advanced is your customer centrality and social channel(s) usage?
  • Do you have a customer relationship management tool in place?
  • Is your organisation generating leads online and does it track conversions?

3. Digital Content Audit

Digital Marketing Audit means  conducting a qualitative Digital Content Audit. Deriving a proper content strategy in place is key when simultaneously using several digital channels. A content strategy is not only about publishing blogs and generating high quality texts frequently on your website, but also about posting high quality images, info graphics, videos and applications, which play a key role to climb up Google ranks. The setup and content of your social media channels are a main factor of how to attract and earn qualitative back links.

4. The Goal of a Digital Marketing Audit

The goal of a Digital Marketing Audit is to derive a sound digital strategy in order to convert more leads into sales with an impact on the  organisation’s EBITDA. Hence a conversion funnel (prospect –> lead –> sales) with measurable tracking system and KPI objectives is imperative. During the Digital Marketing auditing process, it is important to identify which tools are necessary in order to set up a sophisticated tracking and reporting system to strengthen your business intelligence infrastructure and CRM ecosystem to track your customers’  behavior.


Why a Digital Marketing Audit with OMMAX?

We from OMMAX analyse your current online conversion funnel from the bottom to the top and identify where improvements need to be made, evaluate what constitute a quality lead and set measurable objectives with a sophisticated reporting structure. All Digital Marketing improvements and recommendations for taking action within the sales funnel are based on high quality data, measurable objectives and a strategic outcome for your digital visibility.

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